Möller’s Cod liver oil – a sustainable choice

From February to April, shoals of cod swim from the Barents Sea to the waters of Lofoten and Vesterålen to spawn. Since the time of the Vikings, and even earlier, these rich shoals have been prized sources of fish. During the cod season, fishing boats deliver new catches to the quay every day – as fresh as they can be! At Möller, we combine these healthy cod with our strictly controlled production process to ensure the highest quality omega-3 products for our customers. Consequently, our cod liver oil is exceptionally nutrient-rich with an award-winning flavour.

Cleaning and steaming

Fresh from the boat, the cod is delivered directly to the fish processing facility. Here it is carefully gutted and the liver is sent immediately to the nearby steam room for further processing, cleaning and heating. The production is highly automated and takes place in a tightly controlled environment which is essential, as air is our principle “enemy” at this stage and can spoil the oil through oxidation. Through this process we obtain unrefined cod liver oil which is pumped directly via sealed pipes to waiting storage tanks that are transported to Möller’s factory at Løren in Oslo for further refining and bottling.

Everything is used

Although food is the primary produce of Norwegian fisheries, and cod liver oil is already a by-product, we aim to use everything and waste nothing. For example, we use the by-products of Möller’s cod liver oil as good quality animal feed and biofuel. By using every part of a fish, we do not squander this rich resource. This helps to create a circular supply chain and supports the sustainability of Norwegian fisheries.

‘Green Bottle’ Quality

At the Möller’s plant at Løren in Oslo, the cod liver oil is further refined, tested and flavoured. Frequent quality and taste tests are carried out at each production stage to ensure the oil meets Möller’s exacting standards. As a result, our cod liver oil easily surpasses Norwegian and European Union standards and combines both exceptional quality and long shelf life. In addition, all of Möller’s products are significantly below the required EU and GOED oxidation levels. The quality of Möller’s green bottle cod liver oil is built upon our knowledge and experience of extracting the oil using carefully designed technology and sustainable processes.

The final stage is filling our iconic green bottles with the cod liver oil, before they are labelled, packaged and sent to consumers worldwide. So, this is how cod liver oil from the icy clean waters off Norway finds its way to your cold fridge at home. Finally, after the bottle is empty the glass is recycled and reused again and again…

Möller’s cod liver oil – a good choice for both you and the environment.