Chicken wraps

Eating properly is crucial to ensure you have all the nutrients you need during a day. This can be particularly tricky when breastfeeding as you often have your hands full – constantly and literally. These chicken wraps can be prepared a day in advance, so you always have a snack ready in the refrigerator to be eaten with one hand. Bring it with you when you’re out for a walk with the baby in the pram, or eat it on your feet when you’re doing other things. Remember that you may have to eat with one hand. Don’t overload the wrap and don’t cut the ingredients in too small pieces as there is a risk the filling will fall out when you’re eating with one hand. Is there leftover chicken from dinner yesterday? Perfect! Let’s use it for the wraps.


  • Tortilla bread or another type of thin wrap bread
  • Grilled chicken in pieces
  • Philadelphia cream cheese – garlic & herbs
  • Fresh spinach


  1. Spread Philadelphia creme cheese on the bread
  2. Add spinach and chicken
  3. Roll together in a firm roll. Wrap it with food paper wrapping or place the wraps in a container.

Recipe by Evelina Söderholm