sund familie laver mad i køkkenet og tager Omega-3

Cod liver oil – good for the whole family’s immune system

Your immune system is probably the most intelligent and flexible defense unit in the world. It impressively hunts down unwanted intruders at home, work or in preschool; not to mention in food, on your mobile phone or on the hands of others. Your fantastic immune system not only eliminates these intruders, but arms itself against them forever them by producing new immune cells.

Vitamin A and D are known to boost the power of your immune system. And taking a good quality cod liver oil is one of the simplest ways to ensure an adequate intake of these vitamins, which Möller’s Cod Liver Oil contains in abundance. Both children and parents benefit from year-round, daily consumption of cod liver oil. But if you don’t like cod liver oil, a good alternative is to take two capsules of Möller’s Daily Health, which will meet the daily requirements for omega-3 fatty acids, as well as vitamin D.