benefici olio di pesce e di fegato di merluzzo

Fish oil and it’s surprising health benefits

Fish oil vs cod liver oil – what’s the difference?

Cod liver oil and fish oil are two different oils, although they have similar fatty acid profiles. The difference is that cod liver oil is extracted from the cod’s liver, while fish oil is extracted from the entire fish.

Fish oil consists of, among other things, omega-3 fatty acids. Fatty acids accumulate in fish from the micro-algae and other fish they eat. While all kinds of fish ingest fish oil from their food, the fat content they ingest varies depending on diet, season and habitat.

The content and benefits of fish oil

The  omega-3 essential fatty acids in fish oil provide many important benefits for your circulation and brain, as well as contributing to normal bodily functions.

Omega-3 from fish oil or cod liver oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids and essential fatty acids than contain DHA and EPA. Möller’s capsules contain fish oil from anchovies and sardines that have been extra concentrated and thus contain more omega-3 than occurs naturally. Luckily, it’s possible to concentrate a relatively large amount of omega-3 into small capsules.

Our body produces the majority of fatty acids it needs by itself, but essential fatty acids, such as those found in omega-3, can be ingested through food, cod liver oil or the fish oil in capsules such as Möller’s The Original. Foods containing omega-3 include mackerel, sardines, herring, lump fish roe, lumpfish, salmon, eel and rainbow trout.

Omega-3 from fish oil or cod liver oil contributes, among other things, to maintaining normal

  • heart function
  • brain function
  • vision
  • concentration of triglycerides in the blood

Fish oil also contains both vitamins A and D. Vitamin D is fat soluble, which means it is  stored in the body’s adipose tissue and liver over time. This way, the body can get vitamin D when it needs it. Vitamin D has several functions in the body, such as normal development of the skeletal system in children and maintaining a normal immune system and normal muscular function in the entire body throughout life.

Vitamin A is also a soluble fat that is stored in the body’s adipose tissue and liver when not in use and released when needed. This vitamin is also vital for the immune system and mucous membranes. Vitamin A is often referred to as the vitamin of the eye as it is vital to maintaining normal vision.