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How to choose the right omega-3 fatty acids products

1 gram of omega-3 per day

To achieve the beneficial health effects, you should have a daily omega-3  There can be big differences in the omega-3 content in different omega-3 products. Some sources of omega-3 naturally contain more omega-3 than others.

Check yourself: Look on the packaging or bottle to see how much omega-3 a product provides per daily dose.

Correct omega-3 fatty acids type

Omega-3 is a collective term for a group of fatty acids. Some of these fatty acids are proven to have positive health effects. That’s why it is important to choose products that give you the omega-3 fatty acids that actually have a proven effect, namely DHA and EPA.

Check yourself: DHA and EPA are only present in omega-3 from the sea, meaning that omega-3 from cereals, seeds and plants does not meet this criterion. Responsible manufacturers state on the package how much of these two omega-3 fatty acid types their product contains. If you don’t find DHA or EPA mentioned on the packaging, then it’s likely the product does not contain these.

Natural form

Although omega-3 is found in nature, it is possible to produce omega-3 in artificial or synthetic form, so-called ethyl ester. We recommend you look for products that contain omega-3 in the form found in nature: triglycerides or phospholipids.

Check yourself: The scientific names of the natural forms of omega-3 are triglycerides and phospholipids. This can be difficult to check for yourself, but some manufacturers state this on the packaging. Otherwise, you can call the suppliers and ask.