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MSC and Möller’s – our guarantee of sustainable fishing

Questions and answers – Möller’s and the MSC

What is the MSC and why do we work with them?

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an international non-profit organisation. It’s vision is that the world’s oceans should be full of life; it’s mission is to end overfishing and ensure that future generations can also enjoy wild seafood. The blue MSC label and the MSC certification programme recognise and reward sustainable fishing practices and help create a more sustainable seafood industry.

The blue MSC label on the bottles of Möller’s Cod Liver Oil is proof that the raw materials come from wild fishing that is independently certified according to the MSC’s science-based standard for sustainable fishing. In addition, the raw materials can be traced back to their sustainable sources.

Consumers want sustainable seafood

Global market research conducted by GlobeScan in 2018 shows that health-conscious consumers increasingly want sustainable seafood options. Respondents are looking for information on sustainable fish and seafood on product packaging and 72% of those who are familiar with the MSC label have great confidence in the MSC.

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MSC-certified Norwegian skrei

The fabled annual Lofoten fishing has been the backbone of the region’s existence for thousands of years. The Northeast Arctic Cod (skrei, in Norwegian) is also known as the ‘wandering’ cod because it migrates hundreds of kilometres north in the Barents Sea, from the polar ice to its preferred waters – those around Loftoten and Vesterålen in Norway. Möller’s Cod Liver Oil has been extracted from skrei since 1854. Cod liver oil and cod liver are by-products of skrei, thus contributing to the utilisation of the entire fish. 

Norway sets the standard for sustainable fishing

Norwegian fisheries are used as a benchmark for sustainable fishing, and these fisheries have learned from challenges in the past. In the 80’s, overfishing in the Barents Sea caused skrei stocks to plunge. The fishing industry and affected businesses have recovered through responsible and sustainable fishing stewardship. Skrei fishing was first certified in 2010 and reassessed in 2015, which means that it meets all 28 performance indicators set out in the MSC’s standard for sustainable fishing.

What does this mean for Möller’s?

Möller’s is pleased to display the blue MSC label on all cod liver oil bottles worldwide. We are proud to promote sustainable fishing practices as well as to show our consumers that Möller’s Cod Liver Oil is a sustainable choice – good for the ocean and good for you!