Seven hints for healthy food children like

1.More family time! Kids love a regular dinner time

Children are visual beings. Is the table nicely covered, does everyone have their place and is the food fresh and colorful? Then it’s much more likely that the children will want to come to the table. And if the adults are patient, the TV off and the family gathered around the table, everything is set for a nice meal.

Get inspired by these healthy recipes

2.More fish – healthy food kids like!

Your kids don`t eat fish, you say? Then you haven`t found the right fish in the right form! Look around in the supermarket and you’ll find fishcakes, fish-fingers and heart-shaped fish. Then there’s fish with toppings, fish to fry, fish to put on sandwiches, dipped in soy sauce or eaten raw. And the selection of recipes is endless. So if you keep looking, you’ll find fish a-plenty that your kids will love.

Oily fish contains a lot of vitamin D, which is necessary for normal growth and skeletal development, and helps to maintain the immune system’s normal function. Fish is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, important for optimal development and functioning of the brain and vision. So, if you manage to get your kids used to eating more fish, you’ll be doing them a great favour.

3.More varied and healthy food

The more diverse the food you eat, the healthier. So don`t be afraid to experiment in the kitchen, even though the youngest members of the family might be a bit sceptical. You can get children to taste each dish but don’t force them to eat up. The thing with children is that they might turn their noses up the first, second and third time they taste it, but they may suddenly love a dish the fourth time. When you introduce a new meal or food, it’s not rare for it to be presented and offered at least ten times before a child thinks it’s okay to eat.

4.More cod liver oil

Cod liver oil is a great way for children to get the vitamin D they need and may not get in winter due to a lack of sunlight or not eating enough oily fish. The healthy omega-3 fatty acids in cod liver oil are good for the brain and vision, as well as cardiac function, throughout life These beneficial effects are obtained with a daily intake of 250 mg of EPA and DHA. So make it a morning routine to gather the whole family for your daily teaspoon of cod liver oil.

5.More water

Fizzy and sweet drinks account for a large portion of the sugar intake of children and teenagers. But young children don`t ask for juice, unless they have become used to it. As long as you decide, you should provide water as a thirst quencher. For birthdays and special occasions juices are as well received as fizzy drinks, and if it must be fizzy drink, you can mix juice and carbonated water for a healthier alternative.

 6.More healthy snacks

If you are pressed for time and surrounded by whining, starving children, resorting to unhealthy emergency food is often all too easy. But fortunately, the selection of healthy snacks and foods is growing. If you always have a stock of healthy options such as snack carrots, unroasted and unsalted nuts, sugar-free yoghurt, blueberries, etc., the little ones get used to snacks and emergency foods without fat and sugar.