Seven tips to improve concentration

1.Prioritize, choose and focus

Both career, children, spouse, friends and family are important – but not at the expense of yourself. It can be hard, but try to say no next time a friend suggests meeting when you don’t have the energy or time. Let them know the time isn’t right and set a new date. And be sure to be there!

2.Get enough sleep

The body is entirely dependent on sleep to rest and recover properly. Lack of sleep can affect both your concentration and ability to learn. When you sleep, your brain stores information it recently acquired. If you are the mother of young children, with just enough time to fall asleep and wake up again, this may not be a very useful fact. But if you have enough time, getting seven to eight hours of sleep every night is essential for optimal performance.

3.Exercise your brain

Your brain is a bit like a muscle that can be trained. It benefits from puzzles like quizzes and crosswords. Learning new things has a particularly good effect because it forms new connections between brain cells. Dancing is particularly good exercise for your brain because it exercises your memory. How else would you keep up with the all steps?

4.Nourish your brain

With all the building blocks it needs to function optimally, your whole body benefits from a good diet. The brain depends on getting enough of the omega-3 fatty acid DHA for the normal maintenance of brain functions. Möller’s Cod Liver Oil is a safe, natural source of both vitamin A and  D and DHA fatty acid.

5.Working out improves concentration

Recent research shows that if we want to sharpen our mental abilities, we get faster results if we are active. Exercise improves both memory and concentration, in addition to providing you with a long list of known health benefits.

6.Alcohol affects your concentration

Even small amounts of alcohol reduce the brain’s ability to store new memories. In addition, a high consumption of alcohol leads to a variety of other health issues and has an overall negative effect. In short, you won’t perform your best the next day. But that might not come as a big surprise!

7.Yoga or meditation to improve concentration

Learn some relaxation techniques and practise being present in the moment to find more energy and better focus in everyday life. All forms of meditation and awareness training improve your concentration.