Six tips for giving baby cod liver oil

1.Avoid spills on clothes

Give babies cod liver oil on the changing table, in the bathroom or in other situations where they are naked. This way it doesn’t matter if they spill and regurgitate, and you avoid difficult stains. Maybe baby can be allowed to hold the spoon himself? That’s a real treat!

2.The syringe trick

Draw the cod liver oil into a plastic syringe (without a needle, of course) and release it gently into your baby’s mouth. Or let your baby suck on the syringe. Moller’s Easy Cod Liver Oil is a great tool available at any pharmacy. It’s a sort-of syringe that allows the cod liver oil to slide down baby’s throat. 

3.Distract them

The hide-and-show trick, talking teddy bears, the brrrm brrrm car …  there are endless possibilities for distracting babies while giving them cod liver oil. Sneak the spoon in while baby is laughing and chances are that the oil will be swallowed with no hard feelings.

4.Pretend they won`t get any

Reverse psychology works sublimely on toddlers. Let the rest of the family get the cod liver oil first and then eventually give your toddler a spoonful. 

5.Make it cosy

Make the daily dose of cod liver oil a regular routine and combine it with an activity that your baby enjoys. Hug and play with baby and say what a good time you`re having and how good cod liver oil is. Although baby may not understand the words yet, she interprets the look and tone of your voice, and will associate being given cod liver oil with something nice.

6.Get rid of your own cod liver oil phobia

Some of us have prejudices against cod liver oil. We may have memories of it tasting and smelling bad and not want to impose something on our children that we didn`t like. However, the taste of cod liver oil has become much milder in recent years. Most babies are okay with cod liver oil. Some even like it. But remember it should be kept in the refrigerator and must not be so old that it turns rancid and tastes bad.