Tired of the health hysteria? These 5 health tips have you covered

1.Eat real food

This is healthy food, not the processed foods high in fat, salt and sugar that many of us, especially men, eat too much of. Read what the NHS says about eating processed foods here. A poor diet will set back your health and activity levels, not to mention possibly make you gain weight. Did you know that for men, extra weight results in lower production of the male sex hormone testosterone, which is associated with virility? Eating more varied foods and cooking from scratch is an easy way to improve your diet – and maybe your sex life?

2.Five a day

According to a government health survey, most Britons are not eating enough fruit and vegetables. And that’s crazy when you consider that it’s such an easy way to obtain nutrients and beneficial vitamins. So try to make it a habit to have a portion of fruit or vegetables with every meal. A portion equivalent to 100 grams may be a small bowl of lettuce, carrots or a medium-sized fruit. And the more you vary between fruit and vegetable varieties, the healthier.

3.Start exercising

If you want to lose the flab, there’s no other way than to start with some form of exercise. Hard to fit it into you’re your busy life? Walk or cycle to work! Or why not jog? Many parents also welcome a trip to the gym as a break from kids, house cleaning and cooking.

4.Eat fish two to three times a week

Do you find it difficult to eat enough fish? What about replacing your regular meat order with an enticing fish variation? Also, put fish on your sandwiches. The range of fish available is huge, especially oily fish like salmon, trout, mackerel or herring, which is extra rich in the important omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 takes care of, and is good for your heart. Vitamin A and D are also abundant in oily fish, and also help to maintain a normal immune system. Fish oil contains the same great fatty acids, as well as vitamin A and D.

5.Stop smoking

Of course, you know you shouldn’t smoke, and you’ve probably tried to stop many times. But remember, even if you have tried to stop before, that doesn’t mean you can`t do it this time! There are a growing number of aids to help you in the great willpower test, such as nicotine gum, hypnosis, stop smoking apps, etc. When you consider that two out of three smokers die prematurely just because of smoking, is there any reason not to try again?