What are important vitamins in pregnancy?

Pregnant women need extra vitamins

The female body is specifically designed to carry babies and to provide nutrients both during pregnancy and the baby’s infancy. Pregnancy is a natural process that progresses and takes control of your body without you doing much more than allowing yourself to be fascinated by it. You can generally follow the same dietary advice that applies to the general population when you are pregnant; that is, that a varied and healthy diet covers your need for vitamins. However, there are still some nutrients you need to pay attention to when good food sources of these are limited.

Folic acid before pregnancy and during

The NHS recommends you take a folic acid supplement if you plan to become pregnant, as well as during the first trimester of your pregnancy. The recommendation of 400 mcg folate per day is based on the fact that the intake of folate reduces the risk of spinal defects, such as spina bifida, in the baby. Folate deficiency can also lead to other congenital damage caused during the development of the nerve system in the foetus. Folic acid is a type of folate commonly used as a supplement as it is the most stable form of folate. Folate is also naturally found in green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, kale, and Brussels sprouts. Coarse grain products, berries, and citrus fruits are also good sources of folate.

Vitamin D for the immune system and bone growth

The NHS also stresses vitamin D in pregnancy. Vitamin D is produced naturally in the body when skin is exposed to the sun’s rays. Unfortunately, here in the Northern Hemisphere, we don’t have as much sun as other countries. Food sources of vitamin D are limited to oily fish, egg yolk, fish roe and fish liver. Some foods, such as skim milk, have added vitamin D.

There is a close relationship between your intake of vitamin D and the vitamin D levels of your baby at birth. Vitamin D is important for the immune system and for the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus, which again are critical in maintaining your skeleton and building that of your baby.

Two capsules contain folate and vitamin D

Møller’s Pharma takes pregnant women seriously and has developed Good Start. Good Start are capsules designed especially for pregnancy and contain folate, vitamin D and omega-3. Everything is in the correct dosage for you to feel confident that your baby is getting what he or she needs of these nutrients during your pregnancy. The capsules have been developed with a specific coating, which means they do not dissolve in the stomach with its low pH level. Instead, they dissolve in the intestine, where the pH level is higher. In this way, reflux and aftertaste are prevented, which is a relief, whether you suffer from morning sickness or not!