Möller’s Daily Health

Smooth, easy-to-swallow omega-3 fish oil capsules with essential vitamins A, D and E.
Möller's Omega-3 Daily Health Capsules
Content | in a daily dose of two capsules
Omega-3 fatty acids in total
0,7 g
- total DHA + EPA
0,6 g
Vitamin D
15 µg (300%*)
Vitamin A
250 µg (31%*)
Vitamin E
10 mg (83%*)
*Reference intake

Omega-3 fatty acids are among the polyunsaturated fatty acids. In contrast to the saturated fatty acids, the body cannot produce these fatty acids itself. They must therefore be supplied through diet. Möller’s Daily Health omega-3 fish oil capsules with vitamins A, D and E are a great daily nutritional supplement. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, they provide your body with the essential fatty acids DHA and EPA, which contribute to normal heart function*. DHA also contributes to the maintenance of vision and brain function**. Vitamin A and D sustain a healthy, normal immune system and vitamin E protects cells from oxidative stress.

Möller’s Daily Health capsules provide the same nutrients as the Möller’s original omega-3 liquid Cod Liver Oil, only in a capsule form, Möller’s provides you with health-beneficial supplements in different forms so that you can find a good, convenient solution within the total product range. Fit, happy and healthy throughout life with the right choice for you. Möller’s brand is Norway’s number 1 omega-3 brand***.

*The beneficial effect is achieved with a daily consumption of 250 mg of EPA and DHA.

**The beneficial effect is achieved with a daily consumption of 250 mg of DHA.

***In the sum of grocery and pharmaceutical channels. Source of data: 01850179 NielsenIQ Norway Grocery, brand “Møller’s” Orkla Health segment “Omega-3” (client specific), value sales and volume sales, Full Year 2020 (week ending 52 2020) and Farmastat Jan-Nov 2020.



Fish oil concentrate (triglycerides), gelatine (bovine), humectants (glycerol), dl-a-tocopheryl acetate (vit E), antioxidant (tocopherol-rich extract), flavouring, retinylpalmitate (vit A), cholecalciferol (vit D)