mom and daughter solving a puzzle

Ten brain exercise riddles for adults and children

Solving riddles is a good way to give your brain a quick workout. That’s why there are so many riddles around. We’ve collected 10 that are guaranteed to get your mind working. Think carefully before you answer, though, because the solution isn’t always obvious. You’ll find the answers at the bottom of the page. 

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Riddle 1

A man built a square house where all four sides were facing south. If a bear walked past, what colour would it be? 

Riddle 2

A bus driver came down a street. He went right past a stop sign without stopping. He turned left into a street with a no-entry sign. He passed a police car on the wrong side of the street. Still, he didn’t break a single traffic rule. Why not?

Riddle 3

Some months have 30 days and some have 31. How many months have 28 days? 

Riddle 4

What becomes wetter the more it dries? 

Riddle 5

How many letters are there in the Bible? 

Riddle 6

If you have five apples on a bench and you remove two, how many apples do you have? 

Riddle 7

You come to a cold winter cabin and realise you only have one match. In the cabin, there is a fireplace, a kerosene lamp and a candle. What is the first thing you light? 

Riddle 8

Who is my parents’ son but not my brother? 

Riddle 9

What can your children give you that you can’t get yourself? 

Riddle 10

What is yours but mostly used by others? 

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Answer 1

White. If all the sides are facing south, you are at the North Pole, where there are only white polar bears. 

Answer 2

He was walking.

Answer 3

Twelve. All months have 28 days.

Answer 4

A towel

Answer 5


Answer 6


Answer 7

The match

Answer 8


Answer 9


Answer 10

Your name