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Five tips to disguise the taste of cod liver oil

We all know the benefits of cod liver oil for children. The NHS recommends babies and children be given a daily vitamin D supplement from birth, unless they are being fed with formula milk that contains vitamin D. The best source of vitamin D for babies and children is cod liver oil because it naturally contains the vitamin  that is so important for maintaining the immune system. Cod liver oil also contains the essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. These fatty acids are found in a range of foods, of which the richest source is marine. They contribute to the development of vision, brain and skeletal development in children, as well as normal growth.

But what do you do if your child doesn’t like the taste of cod liver oil? Well, it doesn’t have to be taken on a spoon. It can easily be mixed into food – leaving no taste. Try these five tips:

In a pasta sauce

Norwegian chef Odd Ivar Solvold recommends using cod liver oil in acidic dishes such as those with  tomatoes. So you may add some cod liver oil into a tomato pasta sauce to make it healthier. For babies over six months, try mixing a teaspoon of cod liver oil into baby food, in a jar, that contains tomato. Or you can cook a pasta sauce yourself, with canned tomatoes, pasta, fried onions and a little minced meat, which you mix together in a blender.

With onions

Onions are perfect to neutralise the taste of cod liver oil and when you cook onions in oil, they become sweet and tempting. Try different types of onions and use a blender to mash it all together with a teaspoon of oil and ingredients like sweet potato, carrot, corn or chicken fillet. This can be given to babies from six months and older.

In popsicles

Here’s a recipe for extra-healthy, homemade popsicles. Your children can eat these every day!

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Strawberry and citrus popsicles

You need:


  • Mix the ingredients well, pour into popsicle moulds and place in the freezer.

On popcorn

Yes, you can put cod liver oil on the weekend treats too. Here’s a tasty recipe:

Lemon and herb popcorn

You need:


  • Mix the cod liver oil in the butter and pour it over the popcorn. Fold the butter into the popcorn to mix it. Season with salt, herbs and garlic powder.

In a fruit salad

Here`s a recipe for a tasty fruit salad, for days when you have extra time. And yes, it’s super healthy!

Fruit salad with Greek yogurt

You need:


  • Spoon the seeds out of the watermelon and cut the kiwi and banana into slices
  • Create large balls of watermelon with an ice cream scoop. Place all the fruits neatly around the edge of a medium-sized bowl.
  • Mix the cod liver oil into the yoghurt and pour the yoghurt into the middle of the bowl.
  • Add granola over the yogurt and garnish with a few berries.