Cod liver oil and your immune system

A properly functioning immune system must be well equipped in order to ward off attacks from bacteria and infections. If your immune system is working well, it protects you from diseases.

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Cod liver oil is a rich and natural source of vitamin D, which works with other nutritients to maintain the proper functioning of your immune system. Our bodies can produce vitamin D through a process that takes place in the skin when we are out in the sun. We can also ensure we obtain vitamin D by consuming fatty fish, milk with added vitamin D, margarine and butter. Unfortunately, in the North Hemisphere we don’t always have enough sunlight and don’t always consume enough foods containing vitamin D. So it’s  a good idea to have a bottle of cod liver oil in the refrigerator as this will cover your need for vitamin D.

Cod liver oil is also a natural source of vitamin A, which works together with vitamin D to support the immune system. Other nutrients present in cod liver oil are EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids, which are important building blocks in all of the body’s cells. Your body isn’t able to produce omega-3 fatty acids by itself, which is why you need to regularly provide them through food or supplements.

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