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Different types of Möller’s omega-3 products

Möller’s liquid cod liver oil

The most recognised Möller’s omega-3 product is Möller’s Cod Liver Oil, which is a liquid product available in four flavours: lemon, natural, apple and fruit, all with no added sugar. Many people remember this liquid cod liver oil from their childhood as the product has a long tradition in Norway in both the Oslofrokosten (a programme developed in the 1920s to provide free breakfast to schoolchildren in Oslo) and the Sigdalsfrokosten (a free school breakfast introduced in Sigdal in the1960s), as well as in the 1930s when cod liver oil became available at school canteens.

As with all Möller’s omega-3 products, liquid cod liver oil gives you a unique combination of natural omega-3 from fish, as well as vitamins A, D and E. These nutrients are important for the optimum development of your body and contribute to normal functioning of the eyes, heart, brain and immune system. All Möller’s liquid omega-3 products come with a recommended daily dose of 5 ml for children and adults. Specific recommendations apply to babies.

Four-week-old babies can be given a daily dose of 2.5 ml, which can then be increased to 5ml during the first six months. Möller’s Pharma My First Cod Liver Oil is developed specifically for babies. Scroll down to read more about this product.

Omega-3 Capsules

Some people prefer capsules to liquid cod liver oil, which is why we offer Möller’s Daily Health Omega-3 Capsules. The capsules contain the same nutrients found in liquid cod liver oil. Take two capsules daily for your daily dose of Möller’s!

You may wonder what the difference is between Möller’s liquid omega-3 products and the omega-3 capsules. The main difference is that cod liver oil is extracted from the liver of fresh Northeast Arctic cod, while the oil in the capsules comes from oil extracted from the tissue of oily fish such as anchovies and sardines. Cod liver oil naturally contains vitamin A and D, while these vitamins are added to the oil used for the capsules. The Omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, which are naturally found in cod liver and oily fish tissue, are what make the cod liver oil and capsules a unique food supplement. So,one product isn’t better than the other. Use what suits your taste and lifestyle.

Get the important nutrients from jelly fish

We have a fun and healthy alternative for children over the age of three, namely Möller’s Omega-3 Fish. These are small jelly fish with yummy flavours of fruit, strawberry or orange. You get the same healthy nutrients as from the liquid cod liver oil: nutrients beneficial for development and growth. The gel fish can, of course, also be taken by adults – they taste great and you can take two daily. They’re great fun for kids (both big and small!)

A complete food supplement

Möller’s Total is a complete food supplement with an optimal composition of omega-3 from fish, vitamins and minerals. This product comes in 28 daily doses, with each dose consisting of one vitamin tablet and one omega-3 capsule. The blister packs are marked with the days of the week, making it easy to remember to take your daily dose – it doesn’t get easier than that! These nutrients keep you healthy and illness-free.

For those needing extra vitamin D

If you need even more vitamin D than you get from regular Möller’s Cod Liver Oil, then try Möller’s Pharma Cod Liver Oil D+ in natural or lemon flavour. This is a liquid cod liver oil that helps maintain normal brain function and vision through the omega-3 fatty acid DHA. Vitamin D maintains normal functioning of the immune system and normal bone structure. You also get vitamin A and E from this product.

Give your baby cod liver oil

If you have a new little family member, it’s a good idea to have Möller’s Pharma My First Cod Liver Oil in the home. There are new milestones for a baby to reach almost every day and good nutrients form a solid foundation for healthy and normal development. This cod liver oil has been specifically developed with nutrients that are necessary for the youngest ones, including Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A and D. My First Cod Liver Oil is recommended for all babies from four weeks of age and the recommended daily dose is 2.5 ml, increased up to 5 ml until they are six months old. This cod liver oil comes with a practical dosing syringe, making it easy to give your baby cod liver oil right from the start.

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